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Your company's brand is everything to your business. It's how your audience recognizes you and plays a huge role in your perception. That's why you should consider your branding when hosting your event at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC.

Brand Identity

Maintaining a brand identity when planning a corporate event is paramount, so ensure your venue aligns with your brand's message. If your product or service is cutting edge, a venue with special effects capabilities can help enforce that brand message.

If your brand is more whimsical or earthy, a venue that allows for decor that reflects your brand identity is a must.

If you’re launching a product, you want to show your guests the feeling you are trying to evoke with your product launch, and you can do that with the right venue.

Making Memories

You want your event to stand out from the crowd. This means your decor is of the utmost importance. Making your event space look visually appealing will help create positive feelings about your event and create lasting memories and impressions of your product or service.

Event Values

Does your event venue align with your company's values? Whether they use sustainable practices or promote accessibility for all with elevators and ramps, ensure your venue reflects your company's mission. This will make your brand feel more authentic and trustworthy to your guests.

Social Media

With billions of users worldwide, a social media presence is an absolute must for your event. Ensure your event is 'Instagrammable' so your guests want to post it to their social media, earning you free coverage.

This extends the reach of your event, attracting a broader audience.

Attracting the Right Audience

When formulating your guest list, keep your venue in mind. The venue's location, reputation, and size play a role in whether or not your guests will attend.


When planning your event, ensure your venue has enough space to encourage mingling and networking among your guests.

In Conclusion

Remember, when selecting your venue, ensure it can accommodate your guests and your brand identity. Staying on-brand with your event will help cement your business's reputation and tell people your mission and values. Selecting the right venue can help with this, so choose carefully. To learn more about how we can help you enhance your brand identity through our stunning venue, please contact Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC today.