Photo Credit: Chaz Cruz Photographers

Here at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC, we have no shortage of space for your next special event. But what happens if you have a more intimate gathering that won’t use all of the ample space at our venue? How can you make your event more cozy and personable while utilizing the available raw space? If you’re searching for ways to make your small-scale event feel a little less spread out, here are a few ways to condense the room and keep your guests together.

Walls and Backdrops

Many people want a photo-op, insta-worthy area for guests to take pictures. That’s where green walls and logo walls come into play. These walls make the perfect photo backdrop, create dimension, and make the room feel smaller. You can even supply ring lights for your guests!

Appetizer Stations

Sure, white glove service is a great way to pass out appetizers, but if you’re trying to make the room feel a bit smaller, setting up scattered appetizer tables throughout the venue is a great way to do this. Create a perimeter or use the tables as a wall, blocking off the portion of the venue you don’t want to use.

The other benefit to appetizer stations is that they will encourage your guests to mingle, allowing them to choose what they want to eat without waiting for a server to offer them hors d'oeuvres. Plus, you can showcase all the most creative event appetizers

Mini Bars

Though we have a large full-sized bar here at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC, if you are serving up signature cocktails or wine, why not have a few mini bars or drink stations throughout the venue so your guests can visit the closest station without having to go to the bar. This will eliminate some of the lines at the main bar and make things feel a bit more intimate.


Bring in your furniture, such as sofas, lounge chairs, or tables, to create a perimeter and provide your guests with somewhere comfy to sit when they’re not dining or dancing.

Table Arrangements

As we mentioned with the appetizer stations and minibars, table arrangement is everything when it comes to creating that cozy feeling. Consider your table arrangement if you want your event space to feel smaller.

Long or closely placed round tables can block off empty space and pull guests together without feeling crowded or far apart. Remember, you want your guests to feel at home and to encourage socialization, so pushing dinner tables too far apart may not be conducive to conversation.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

If you want to make your event feel more tightly knit, there are many ways to cluster people together without making them feel crowded. Use these handy tips, and speak to our planners about other ways to draw your guests together.

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