Planning a wedding is full of lots of little details. Especially when it comes to planning for your smallest guests: children. Whether you’re including children in your actual wedding ceremony or just having them as guests, planning ahead for the youngest members of your family will go a long way towards making sure your big day goes smoothly at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC.

Here are a few ideas for your consideration for helping keep kids entertained and comfortable during your ceremony and reception.

Wedding Party

Will you be having children in your wedding party? Whether it's a flower girl, ring bearer, or junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, there are many important roles children can play in your wedding. But children can be unpredictable, so having a solid game plan in place for your big day is essential.

If you do have young children in your wedding ceremony, here are a few pointers ● Make sure they are comfortable in their attire before the big day so they’ll want to wear it to the actual ceremony ● Make sure they “understand the assignment” and know what they’re supposed to do in their important role in your wedding. ● Make sure they’ve used the bathroom before their big debut in your wedding.


Once your ceremony is over, you may opt for formal photos. Give kids a little breather between the ceremony and photos, but don’t wait too long. The sooner the photos are taken the better the chance your youngest guests will cooperate. Capture those grins on film, and then let them go have some fun!

Hire a Sitter

It may be in your best interest to hire a babysitter to watch the kids at your reception and help keep them entertained. This will not go unappreciated by parents who also want to have a good time and catch up with your other guests. A sitter can lead games, cut food, notify parents if they’re needed, and help guide activities.

That being said, don’t rely on older child guests to babysit the little ones unless there is a prior arrangement in place, as older children will want to celebrate too, and they may be overwhelmed by the younger children.


After your youngest guests have patiently attended the ceremony, it’s time to celebrate. Remember, some activities adults like, such as mingling with friends and family, may be boring for kids. That’s why it's important to have some fun things for kids to do while their parents are catching up with loved ones. Allow some room on the dancefloor (or ask the DJ to play a few songs just for the kids), or bring in some video games or entertainers to help keep little ones busy. Strolling magicians, face painters, balloon artists, or activity leaders with games are great ways to captivate the smallest of guests.


Depending on the age of your guests, you may want to consider a kids table. This way all your little guests can find each other easily and will have someone else to play with. Stock the kids table with good clean fun, such as washable crayons, play doh, tabletop games, books, bubbles, puzzles, and disposable cameras.

Another trendy idea for your dinner is a kids menu, full of fun finger foods kids love, that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.


Kids love cake, so don’t be surprised if your younger guests are drawn to your cake and are eager to get a slice. Consider serving the younger guests their cake first (after you, of course!) so they don’t have to wait long.

Cool Down Zone

Sometimes the energy and excitement of a wedding can be overstimulating to kids. Creating a cool down area for kids is another great way to safeguard your big day from meltdowns. Set aside a quiet area where kids can decompress, nap, or nurse if needed.

Know Your Audience

Remember, no matter what measures you take to entertain children at your wedding, kids will be kids, and it still may not go perfectly but at least you offered plenty of options. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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