Deciding whether or not to have kids at your wedding or special event at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC is a big decision. On the one hand, an adults only affair allows parents to relax and enjoy the evening without having to keep their children entertained, but on the other hand it can mean excluding cherished family members from your special occasion.

If you do decide to include children in your wedding or special event, it’s important to make sure they are entertained. This will keep them in good spirits and minimize the risk of boredom or bad behavior. If you’re short on inspiration, here are a few suggestions for keeping even your youngest guests entertained on your special day.

The Kids Table

Many a happy memory has been created at the kids table. While not every child is old enough or secure enough to sit at a table of just other children, many will appreciate the gesture as a way to have fun with family and friends while the adults are mingling. Dress the kids table up with games, coloring books, disposable cameras, and kids-only centerpieces like candy bouquets. This will make downtime fun and encourage the children to stay at their own table during important moments like speeches and first dances.

Game On!

When it comes to games, think outside the box. Board games can be fun, but once your younger guests leave the table, consider setting up a section of the venue with video games for them to play together or alone. Even the young at heart will appreciate games like foosball, pool, and retro video games like Pac Man, Streetfighter, and more.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Whether you hire live musicians or a DJ, make sure they have some kid-friendly hits to play so the kids can dance too. Kids love music, but may not appreciate slow dances, so be sure to mix it up a little to keep them entertained.

Fun Foods

While most kids can handle the same cuisine as the adults, for some picky eaters it could be a challenge. This is why you may want to consider having some kids selections on your menu. Popular foods for kids include classics like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese. If you aren’t sure, check with the parents of your younger guests and see what their kids favorite foods are.

Entertain Us

In addition to a DJ, hiring entertainers like jugglers, magicians, balloon artists, or face painters can help entertain kids of all ages.

Hire a Sitter

Hiring a babysitter to sit with the kids during your special event is a move that will most likely be appreciated by parents. This will allow them to mingle and dance without having to run over to the kids table for frequent check-ins. The sitter can help cut up food, lead activities, and keep the peace if needed. Just be sure to let parents know that you’ve hired someone in advance in case they have any questions or want to check references. Remember, don’t just rely on older kids to watch the younger kids. Teens want to have a good time, too, and that may not include babysitting younger guests.

Including children in your big day is a choice you should consider seriously. Will you be okay with distractions? Do you have the means to keep kids entertained throughout the event? Are you willing to work with parents to make sure the event goes smoothly? If you can answer yes to these questions, you’re likely ready to add some younger guests to your guest list.

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