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5 Wedding Cake Trends for 2022

A pressed flower cake in NYC

One of the most versatile decor options for your wedding is arguably the wedding cake. Not only does the look of your cake act as a decoration, the cake is a beloved tradition itself, one which many look forward to when attending a celebration. But as with many other wedding details, cakes have trends, too (remember when cake tiers were separated by white plastic columns?). This year is no exception. If you’re wondering what’s trending in wedding cakes at Tribeca Rooftop +360° in NYC for 2022, keep reading!

Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers is an art form that goes back to ancient egypt. Today, pressed flowers grace everything from jewelry to suncatchers, and now wedding cakes. Thankfully, though it may be considered trendy, the romantic look of pressed flowers is a timeless one, so your cake will always be a classic.

Sugar Flowers

While fresh flowers are beautiful, you can’t deny the beauty of the intricate workmanship of sugar flowers. In fact, some sugar flowers are so skillfully crafted that you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the sugar flowers and real flowers. Sugar flowers let you get a bit more creative with your cake than you can with real flowers, too. You can dream up vibrant color combinations, and scale flowers to fit your cake better than fresh flowers might.

Mini Cakes

Instead of having a big cake and handing out slices, many couples are opting for individual mini cakes for each guest. Similar to cupcakes, mini cakes allow you to have a variety of cake flavors, and even can be customized for those guests with dietary restrictions or allergies. The bride and groom can still have a larger cutting cake, but guests can get their slice at the same time as the new couple instead of having to wait for the larger cake to be cut and served.

Bright Colors

Brights are back! Mix in colorful flowers with non traditional icing colors and create a vibrant work of (edible) art for your big day. Whether you use fresh flowers or sugar flowers, make an unexpected mix to wow your guests.

Separated Tiers

Instead of stacking cake layer upon layer, separated layers are coming back. Today’s tiers are suspended by metal or lucite dividers, giving the cake dimension. A fun trend we’ve noticed is putting decorations inside of the lucite dividers, like flowers or candy.

Designing your cake is one of the most important and fun parts of your wedding planning journey, so do your research and have a great time with it. To book your venue, contact Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC.


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