It’s that time of year again: marriage proposal season! If you just said yes, you’re probably very excited - but you may not know what to do next. The good news is that planning your big day can be a lot of fun, so don’t stress about the small stuff. If you are planning your wedding, Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC has a few tips to help get you started on your wedding planning journey.

Start Spreading The News

The first thing many couples do after getting engaged is to hire a wedding photographer and have an engagement session to commemorate the occasion, and to create save the date cards for guests. This is especially important if you plan on getting married during “wedding season,” or the spring and summer months, as many people take vacations or attend other weddings during that time.

Get A Planner

If you’re busy, unsure about how to navigate the planning process, or you’d rather just leave the details to an expert, now’s the time to get a wedding planner. A wedding planner can handle pretty much anything involving your big day, letting you sit back and relax.

Pick Your Date And Book a Venue

Booking your wedding venue well in advance is the best way to guarantee you get the date you want for your big day. At Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC, we offer tours of our venue and can answer any questions you may have about the venue via phone or email. Please contact us to schedule your tour today.

Select Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party will be a great support system for you as you navigate your wedding planning journey, and it’s a fun way to incorporate your best friends and family members into your special day. Ask your squad to be in your party with creative gifts or personalized handwritten cards. This will show them how much they mean to you and how important it is that they play a role in your special day.

Get Your Gown

Because bridal gowns can take 6 weeks or longer to arrive, it’s important to begin looking for a gown as early as possible. This will ensure you have something to wear by the date you selected for your wedding.

Plan Your Menu

Planning your menu is an essential part of wedding planning. This will allow you to inform guests about their cuisine choices when applicable, in case you want to ask guests to choose their protein or vegetarian options in advance so you know what needs to be prepared.

Get Invited

Now that you have secured your gown and venue, it’s time to send out the invitations so you can get an accurate headcount for guests. This will help you determine how many tables you need, how much of the venue you need to use, how much food is needed, and how many wedding favors to purchase.

Plan The Details

Flowers, decorations, lighting, entertainment, and more should all be booked as soon as possible so you can ensure you get the look and feel that you need for your wedding celebration. For lighting, our in-house team, AV Workshop can handle all your audio visual needs.

If you’re ready to start your exciting wedding planning adventure, Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC is ready to help. Please contact Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC today.