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Exploring Tribeca: The Neighborhood Gems Surrounding Tribeca Rooftop

Exploring the vibrant neighborhood of Tribeca during your wedding weekend

Tribeca, nestled below Canal Street, exudes both charm and excitement. It’s no wonder this distinctive neighborhood attracts sophisticates and celebrities alike. Within a stone’s throw of the nation’s financial movers and shakers and the tourist destinations that make NYC a bucket-list visit for many, you’ll find cobblestone streets lined with unique shops, exceptional dining, and the occasional nightlife.

Historic commercial buildings stand as evidence and homage to the time in history when Tribeca was the industrial center of Manhattan. Today, Tribeca is synonymous with simple sophistication and easy pace enjoyed by families, artists, and all those who call the triangle below Canal Street home.

Like any good neighborhood, you will find those “can’t miss” spots that impress. In fact, there are several gems in the treasure box that is Tribeca, and when you’re in town for an event at Tribeca Rooftop, you have the opportunity to explore all that is here. Let us offer some suggestions.

Classy Cocktail Bars

Begin your tour of the neighborhood gems with a stop at Belle Reve and grab a drink in the vibrant bar. Depending on the time, you may find there’s live music, including an open mic night where the neighborhood’s up-and-coming musicians and entertainers showcase their special talents.

For those over 25 who appreciate a sophisticated ambiance, we recommend The Brandy Library for an exquisite experience. From the moment you enter this refined establishment, you can’t help but be in awe. Lining the walls you’ll discover over 1,500 unique aged spirits. Let the skilled barkeep craft a bespoke cocktail for you, or something else from the menu. They also feature a small variety of beer and wine by the glass. Depending on your schedule, you may opt to take a class at their Spirit School.

The Thriving Arts Scene

In the mid-1970s, Tribeca flourished as an artists’ enclave. Photographers, painters, sculptors, and artisans flocked to the vast lofts and industrial spaces to convert them into studios and galleries. From this movement came nearly 60 galleries, a hub for artists, and those who appreciate their creative endeavors.

Timothy Taylor was founded in London in 1996. Since then, they’ve relocated their Chelsea outpost to a much larger space in Tribeca. Visit Timothy Taylor to view the works of various global artists unveiling their work for a US audience for the first time.

Almine Rech recently unveiled their second Manhattan location (after their much-appreciated gallery in an Upper East Side space) in Tribeca. The space officially opened in January to much acclaim, featuring an exhibition by Paris artist Sasha Ferré and a meditation on the underworld.

These are just two examples of Tribeca’s diverse and ever-expanding art scene.

A Diverse Array of Dining Options

There are many fine dining establishments and spots for a quick bite throughout Tribeca. From the iconic Odeon, which has served up classic NYC fare for more than four decades, to James Beard Award-winning Frenchette and their gourmet menu of classic French dishes and an unmatched wine list, there’s no shortage of fine dining options below Canal Street. There’s also Bubby’s for brunch and a menu your grandma would approve of, to Robert De Niro’s own Tribeca Grill.

If you like to wander and try different dining spots as well as spend your time people-watching, check out the South Street Seaport. This is arguably the best place to get it all in while you’re visiting Tribeca. There’s some pretty unique and interesting shopping here too, along with the South Street Seaport Museum.

Shopper’s Paradise

Of course, the shopping in Tribeca is as eclectic as you would expect. 180 The Store has high-end fashion as well as designer pieces, and a selection of artisanal jewelry, clothing, beauty products, and home decor.

La Garçonne started as an online store popular for its elegantly understated pieces. When the time came for a brick-and-mortar store, they selected Tribeca. The store features high-end fashion and their own in-house brand. The selection is family-friendly and offers more than found on the website.

Part of the excitement of shopping in Tribeca is simply wandering among unique stores, pop-ups, and tried-and-true boutiques. If time allows, the best way to shop your way through Tribeca is indulging in one store at a time.

So Much More Awaits You in New York’s Tribeca

There you have just a sample of the gems surrounding Tribeca Rooftop. These enjoyable, must-see neighborhood spots don’t even begin to scratch the surface of this special neighborhood. When you visit, make sure to explore the fascinating neighborhood that’s right downtown- yet miles away from what you would expect.


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