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Themed Party Ideas For Your Corporate Holiday Celebration

NYC Corporate Holiday Parties

The annual office holiday party is the perfect opportunity to thank your employees and clients for their contributions to your business, and as such should be a very memorable occasion. There’s so much more to holiday parties than just a Christmas tree and an open bar- in fact, there are unlimited ideas for creating a unique holiday party theme. Here are some suggestions for holiday party themes to make your NYC event stand out.

  1. Winter Wonderland

    This theme is a classic for holiday parties in NYC, but don’t let that stop you – there are so many ways to make this idea come to life. Think of pale blue and white decorations, frosty refreshments, an ice sculpture (perhaps one made to look like the company’s logo.) Take guests on a sleigh ride and serve them hot toddies to keep warm. You can even capitalize on the success of the Frozen franchise and recreate the wintery backdrop of Arendelle!

  2. Christmas in Hawaii

    If you’re not a fan of winter wonderlands, do a complete 180 and opt for a tropical holiday theme. (After all, Christmas is celebrated in warm countries too!) Choose beachy decorations, Mai Tai cocktails, and activities like limbo or hula-dancing contests. Guests will love the idea because it’s like taking a vacation without actually getting on a plane. You could also opt for a more generalized “Holidays Around the World” theme, which would allow you to incorporate a number of traditions for other holidays like Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.

  3. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Parties)

    Focus your holiday party around a classic TV show or movie, like The Grinch, Home Alone, or our personal favorite Die Hard. (Yes, it’s a holiday movie.) Ask guests to dress up as characters from the movie, and serve food that mirrors the ones onscreen – although we’re not quite sure what “Who hash” is. Everything from decorations to entertainment should adhere closely to the holiday special. This idea is a fun one, so it works especially well for tech or toy companies with more of a casual business vibe.

  4. Holiday Masquerade

    This idea is great because it’s classy, but also non-denominational for the holiday season. Choose a simple but elegant black-and-white color palette, although a Christmas-y red and green will work as well. When sending out invitations, notify guests of the formal dress code and provide masquerade masks at the event. Masks allow for more free-spirited interactions among guests, and event staff can wear them too! Choose a more tasteful menu and entertainment for this theme, like canapes and a string quartet.

  5. Whatever You Want!

    Don’t be afraid to go completely random with your holiday theme, as long as it suits the culture of the company. A music company could have a holiday party that revolves entirely around Christmas carols, while an accounting firm’s party could recreate Ebenezer Scrooge’s counting house. The more unique the better, so go wild. “Christmas in Outer Space” is one crazy idea, as is a dinosaur-themed party called “Happy Prehistoric Holidays”. This is the one night a year to just have fun, because it’ll be back to business when January comes.

Holiday parties in NYC are a chance to make a lasting impression on your guests, while also having a fun and carefree night to celebrate. Follow our suggestions for memorable holiday party themes, and your guests will be talking about the special event well into next year! For help choosing the perfect theme for your corporate holiday party, speak to the team at Tribeca Rooftop and Tribeca 360° in NYC, New York’s premier event management company.


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