Designing an event in NYC is an enormous undertaking with many factors to consider, from lighting, venue, décor, AV equipment and refreshments. With so many things to worry about, it’s easy to overlook the small details that will really make the event stand out to attendees. Working with professional event planners is one way to make this process easier for your event team. Another way is to follow our tips on how to add detail to your event.

  1. Light Up the Night

    We can’t overstate the importance of good lighting to make your NYC event memorable. Why spend money on things like decorations, furniture or even professional speakers if they won’t be clearly seen by your guests? Proper lighting during presentations is especially important. A spotlight on your key speaker will create maximum impact, and lighting should be altered if there’s an audiovisual component in order to see images more clearly. Lighting also helps to improve the quality of any photos taken (from both professional photographers and your Instagramming guests), which will continue to be seen long after the event is over.

  2. Focus on the Favors

    It’s common to have a gift bag or other free “swag” that guests can take home, but no one really needs another pen and who actually puts company-branded stickers on anything? Think of an event favor that would be really useful for guests, like a nice USB drive or even a discount on your services. These take-home gifts should reflect what you as a company want your guests to have, and so should be individually tailored for each event.

  3. Use Your Senses

    One excellent approach to honing the finer details is to use the five senses. What will guests see, hear, smell, taste and touch during the event? Have you given attention to all five? Some of these will be obvious – you want an event that looks nice, and will naturally include tasty food and beverage. Also consider sound – many people hire a DJ to provide music, but don’t check the playlist or discuss the vibe of the event beforehand. And the sense of smell doesn’t just include the menu – consider the scent of flowers on the tables. Also, consider the urban sounds and smells happening nearby that might disrupt the experience and think of ways to prepare for it.

  4. Where’s the “Wow”?

    Any NYC event planner can cover the basics for your event, meaning the venue, food and entertainment. Exceptional event planners know that a successful event needs something extra, which we like to call the “wow” factor. It’s what has your guests talking long after the night is over, something that makes your event memorable and engages everyone. What that secret ingredient will be depends on your own goals for the event, but start by thinking of things that will be surprising and fun for attendees. This might be a surprise celebrity guest, a fabulous door prize, or a unique networking game.

  5. Back Up Your Plans

    This tip isn’t about event design specifically, but it might still be the most important one. Have back-up plans in place for every aspect of your design, like vendors that you can call on short notice, extra place settings for last-minute guests, and hiring additional catering staff. You want your guests to remember your attention to design detail, not the last-minute emergencies that will inevitably arise. Having plans in place prepares you for changes that need to be made.

The team at Tribeca Rooftop NYC loves to focus on the fine details of event planning. Contact us if you have any questions about planning your corporate event in New York City.