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Team Building Activities That Won’t Bore Attendees

Corporate Team Building Events

Ever walked into a NYC corporate event venue to see groups of chairs set up around puzzles or craft items? Your heart probably sank when you realized you’d be taking part in a dreaded team building activity. We’ve all been there. For most of us, the idea of taking part in a cheesy team building exercise feels corny and plain uncomfortable. Nevertheless, team building is a crucial part of creating a positive, productive work environment. If you’ve been tasked with creating a team building exercise for your company’s next event, don’t panic. We’ve come up with some exercises that are surprisingly fun, and are sure to get everyone on board with the slightly awkward experience!

Office-Related Quizzes

To keep your event guests feeling engaged, try to make your activities personal. If you have a relatively small office, why not create an office-related quiz filled with questions about people in the office. Split the group up into teams so that we need to work together to come up with the answers. Of course, be sure to keep the questions kind and fun—the last thing you’ll want to do is offend anyone!

Creative Storytelling Games

If you don’t want things to get too physical, try a more intellectual, spoken storytelling game. For instance, the one word at a time game encourages everyone to work together to come up with an enjoyable story. This is great for encouraging communal creativity without making anyone feel too uncomfortable or pressured.

Make a Short Film Challenge

These days, everyone has access to a camera phone. Challenge everyone to create quick short films using their iPhones. Give them half an hour to come up with a story, assign roles (actor, director, cinematographer) and finally, to shoot the movie! While some people may be intimidated by getting in front of the camera, remind them that they can take on a crew role. This activity will let everyone use their unique skills to come up with their own unique film.

Drama Games

When in doubt pour over some tried and tested drama games. While these games are usually reserved for drama students, they’re also great for corporate team building sessions at your next corporate event in NYC. Here are a few great examples.

● Build a machine – Everyone in the group comes together to ‘make a machine’. One by one, members of the group enter the space and do a repeated gesture and sound. As more and more people add on, the machine will get bigger and bigger. ● Count to 20 – Very simply, the group counts to 20 as a team. One person should say each number. If two people speak at once, they start again from the beginning. This encourages listening, focus, and awareness. ● Two truths and a lie – Have volunteers tell two truths and one lie about themselves. Let the others ask a few questions and then guess the lie.

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