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Unique Corporate Holiday Party Themes

A corporate holiday party at Tribeca Rooftop +360° in NYC

It may only be October, but it’s already time to start thinking about planning your corporate holiday soiree. Non-denominational holiday parties are a great way to unite your team and show them how much you’ve appreciated their work throughout the year. Holiday parties can even be a place to present employees with awards, bonuses, or corporate holiday gifts that will make them feel recognized and boost their morale.

But if you need help with a unique holiday party theme for your next corporate holiday party at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC that will keep your guests engaged, don’t despair. Here are a few ideas to springboard your creativity and get your corporate holiday party underway!

Be Humane

Who doesn’t love animals? Aside from being cute and affectionate, studies have shown that having a pet helps you live longer and reduce stress. Consider a shelter pet party, where guests can cuddle up to pups and kitties and maybe even adopt one.

Many shelters will allow you to showcase animals at events, and you can even donate to the shelter in your company’s name (and encourage your guests to do so, as well). Hold a silent auction to help raise even more funds for your shelter of choice, or have your employees bring supplies from the shelter’s wish list to gift them for their hard work.

Go Global

We live in a global world, and many workplaces are diverse. Why not celebrate those differences and let employees learn more about their coworkers’ cultures by hosting a multicultural dinner?

Feature foods from around the world, traditional decor from various countries, photos from different destinations, and encourage your employees to share information about their culture with the rest of the team. You can even give away a trip anywhere in the world as a door prize for guests.

Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweaters didn’t start out trying to be ugly, but nowadays, there’s a vast marketplace for this gaudy holiday attire. Though they’re made specifically to be ugly, it’s always been challenging to locate ugly Christmas and even Hannukah sweaters.

Please encourage your guests to show up in their ugliest take on this new tradition and hold a contest for the ugliest sweater. For those who don’t have an ugly sweater, have an arts and crafts table where guests can decorate their holiday sweatshirt and win a prize for the most outrageous creation!

Carol- Oke

Something about the holidays makes everyone want to sing, so why not make it your party’s theme and host a holiday song karaoke party? Guests can try their hand at belting out classic holiday tunes and win prizes for different categories, such as best improvisation, worst singing voice, best duet, and more. You can even let guests choose non-denominational songs if they don’t want to sing holiday songs.

Get Crafty

Hands-on activities are still experiencing a resurgence, so what better way to celebrate the holidays than hosting a DIY party? There are plenty of do-it-yourself ideas you can bring to the table at your holiday soiree, including cookie decorating, gingerbread house assembly, ornament decorating, painting your painting, or any other hands-on project your employees can have fun creating in a short period. Plus, they’ll take home their creation at the night’s end! You can even award prizes for the most creative projects.

Start Planning Now

If you’re ready to plan your holiday party, Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC can help.

To learn more about our event spaces, accommodations, and food, please visit our website and contact Tribeca Rooftop + 360° today!


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