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Navigating Hybrid Events

Hosting a Hybrid Event at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC

While restrictions on social gatherings are largely over, many accommodations made during lockdown, like teleworking and hybrid events, are still practiced today. Many people would prefer to attend events virtually from the comfort of their home base. Thanks to the streamlining of this type of event during the pandemic, hybrid events have remained a popular option. But hybrid events are not without their challenges. Several key factors must be considered to throw a successful event. Here are some of those considerations and actions you can take to make your hybrid event unforgettable.

Technology Integration

Technology is critical to running a successful hybrid event- your technology must be nailed down to present to your virtual guests. Thus, integrating up-to-date technology into your event is crucial. This includes AV equipment, internet connection, and user-friendly virtual platforms for virtual attendees.

At Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC, we have the right technology to help you run a seamless hybrid event, thanks to our in-house AV team, AV Workshop. AV Workshop can assist you in setting up all of your technology needs for your hybrid event so that you can relax and focus on running the show.

Keeping Virtual Attendees Engaged

To keep the attention of your virtual attendees, consider adding interactive elements to your event, such as live Q&A Sessions, interactive polls, and virtual networking. You can even designate virtual moderators to enhance your virtual attendees’ experience.

Logistics & Planning

Be sure to coordinate your virtual and in-person logistics to consider time zone differences, scheduling, and speaker management, especially if you’re booking both virtual and in-person speakers.

Equal Experiences

To host a successful hybrid event, you must ensure that both audiences (live and virtual) receive a comparable experience. Ensure both groups have access to content, networking opportunities, engagement activities, and other attendee perks.

Speaker / Attendee Interaction

Moderators can facilitate questions between virtual and in-person speakers and attendees. Alternatively, you may also consider a virtual platform that will allow attendees to communicate with your speakers directly through messaging applications.

Post-Event Engagement

Provide on-demand access to recorded sessions for guests who would like to rewatch specific meetings or webinars, and be sure to send follow-up materials to attendees after the event.

Get Feedback

After your event, ask for feedback from your guests and presenters. This will not only help you learn what you could have done differently, but it can also help you decide what works best for your next event.

Remember, successfully navigating the challenges of hybrid events takes a proactive approach and lots of hands-on planning. Still, with the right team in place, you can host a seamless, enjoyable event for all in-person and online attendees.

To learn more about how you can host a hybrid event at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC, please get in touch with us today!


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