You have lots of decisions to make when planning your NYC corporate event. The location, the theme, the food, the entertainment. It can be a lot to figure out, and it’s hard to know how things will turn out if the vendors you select are unfamiliar with the event space or area. That’s why choosing a venue with in-house services just makes sense. From audio visual to catering, Tribeca Rooftop 360 can handle many of your NYC corporate event planning needs in house, so there’s no need to stress about the who, what, when and where of those crucial vendors.

If you’re overwhelmed by the planning process, don’t be! Here’s why going with a venue with in-house vendors can save you time, money and stress!

In-House AV

When hosting a NYC corporate event, you probably will need audio visual effects. From colored lighting to set the mood to television screens, microphones and speakers, our in-house team AV Workshop can handle all the details.

Overwhelmed by the daunting task of lugging your own equipment to the venue? AV Workshop eliminates that need by having all the right equipment ready to go. If you need special effects that aren’t already here, AV Workshop can handle all the details, from delivery to installation and takedown of your equipment after your NYC corporate event’s conclusion.

Choosing to go with a venue with in-house AV services can also save you money on your AV costs, freeing up your budget for other areas of your event.

Plus, because AV Workshop is our in-house team, they know the layout and acoustics of the building better than anyone, and can make sure your event goes off without a hitch, so that the only ‘feedback’ you get is the positive feedback from your guests!

In-House Catering

The food you serve at an event is a big deal. Serving food is not only a nice gesture, it can help your guests stay focused and energized throughout your event, so they’ll absorb more from the event or presentation.

With foodie culture such a predominant part of society, people expect more than just your average appetizers. Creative culinary offerings will wow your guests and keep them engaged throughout your NYC corporate event.

At Tribeca Rooftop, we have an in-house event catering team lead by Chef Joe. Chef Joe and his team can customize any menu and dietary restrictions to suit the needs of your NYC corporate or social event. Plus, because the team is familiar with the space, they can ensure the food is served at the right temperatures and with the right timing to coordinate with your event schedule.

Event Coordinating

While you still run the show at your NYC Corporate event, Tribeca Rooftop 360's planners can help you organize and streamline the event so everything runs smoothly from start to finish. We know the space, and we know the area and can help answer any questions you may have about the venue and neighborhood.

Simplify your NYC corporate event planning by hosting it at Tribeca Rooftop 360 With a variety of in-house services and amenities. It will not only make your job as a corporate event planner much easier, it will make your event run smoother, so you can focus on your guests and your event.