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Holding a NYC corporate event can be an incredibly stressful job. Not only do you want it to run without a hitch, you want to make your NYC corporate event exciting, unusual, and memorable. Your choice of venue can have a huge impact on how your guests remember your event and, by association, your company. While some event spaces come with everything you could possibly need, nothing beats the thrill of finding a raw space.

A raw space is, essentially, a space that has not been designed to hold events. Most corporate events are held in lavish, carefully designed buildings complete with bars, stages, tables, chairs, and so on. Using a raw space presents lots of challenges, but it can also be hugely rewarding. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best benefits that can come from choosing a raw space for your next NYC corporate event.

  1. Let your imagination run wild

    With a raw event space, the world really is your oyster. You will have the freedom to let your imagination run wild. Almost anything you can imagine can become a reality. Essentially, you can think of this found space as a blank canvas on which you can create whatever type of event you want. Have a dream of creating a bar on an old church altar, or transforming some ruins into a picturesque outdoor venue? With a raw space, you can!

  2. Don’t get held back by restrictions

    Many corporate event spaces come with plenty of restrictions, regulations, and limitations. While you may visualize the flow of your event going a certain way, often, the layout of the venue will make your dream impossible. Imagine your guests sitting in a circular formation around a round stage? Some spaces simply won’t be able to accommodate this. By choosing a raw space, none of these normal limitations will apply to you.

  3. Add some whimsy to your event

    If you want your event to stand out for its impressive look and feel, a raw space can really deliver. Raw spaces tend to feel incredibly whimsical, charming, and beautiful. Often, raw spaces incorporate outdoor areas and mix nature with interior design, giving a truly magical feel to your event. Like the sound of entertaining your corporate guests in an old church, factory, or hotel? Some raw spaces make this a possibility.

  4. Be truly unique

    Don’t let your event get lost in the crowd. There are hundreds if not thousands of corporate events held each and every year in NYC. Most of them take place in slightly boring, uninteresting event halls. If you want to wow your guests, avoid booking one of these dull, overused spaces, and put your energy into transforming a raw space so that you really give them a night to remember.

Choose Tribeca Rooftop - The Best Alternative to a Raw Space in NYC

Even though raw spaces can make for some pretty stellar events, sometimes, having a space that’s ready to host your event can be a real plus. Here at Tribeca Rooftop, we offer the perfect event space with a mix of eclectic decor, design and layout options, and customer service. Our stunning New York City space gives you the best of a raw space and a pre-designed space combined.

We offer:

  • Up to 400 capacity seated, or 720 for cocktail setup
  • 29,000 sq ft of space, including a 14,000 sq ft rooftop space
  • Private entrance for your guests
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Bar staff
  • Sound system
  • Theater setup for talks and speeches
  • And more!

If you’re ready to find out more about whether our venue is right for your event, contact Tribeca Rooftop & 360° in NYC to find out more.