It’s party time! Well, almost. But it is time to get this party started, so to speak. By that we mean it’s time to choose your entertainment for your big soiree. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, or the social event of the season, you want to keep your guests entertained and get them out on the dance floor. But that means it's time to make some big choices. Do you want a DJ spinning tunes all night long (and maybe a few special mixes) or would you prefer live entertainment like an orchestra, jazz band, or vocalist?

It’s a tough decision only you and your partner or team can make, but here are some considerations when choosing whether to go with a live band or a DJ for your next event at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC.

Pros And Cons of A DJ

When you think of a DJ, what comes to mind? There are actually different types of DJ’s. You can hire someone to strictly play someone else’s hits, or you can hire someone who creates mixes with others (or their own) music. Many DJs can do both, but if you choose to go with a DJ, decide which route you’d prefer to go down.

One of the pros of hiring a DJ is that they will likely have access to any version of any song you want played. If you know in advance that you want to hear a specific song, let your DJ know and work with them to cultivate a playlist of your favorite songs.

Another pro of hiring a DJ is that they are usually great about hyping up a crowd and getting everyone on the dance floor. If you’re hoping to have a high-energy party, a DJ is a great way to go.

As for the downside of hiring a DJ, a DJ most likely will not sing or play live music for your guests, so if you want that personal touch, you are better off going with live entertainment.

Pros and Cons of Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is an excellent way to create an intimate feel for your special event. Whether it’s a talented crooner singing your favorite tunes, a jazz ensemble, or an elegant orchestra, you can likely find someone to fit the bill and entertain your guests.

The downside to hiring a live act, however, is that they will likely need at least one or two breaks, during which they will not be able to perform, so you will likely either have to deal with silence, or have pre-recorded music on hand to play during their downtime.

Furthermore, unlike a DJ they may be more apt to call it a night sooner because it may be physically impossible for them to perform for the whole evening. Conversely, a DJ can play pre-recorded music for much longer, as it is not as physically demanding as singing for an extended period of time.

No matter what kind of entertainment you choose for your special event, the team at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC can help you nail the acoustics for the best sound possible, with the help of our in-house AV team, AV Workshop.

To learn more about hosting your event with us, please contact Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC today!