With fall here and cooler temperatures gracing the streets of New York, color palettes are changing to embrace the autumn weather. Warmer tones like orange, deep reds, and browns are common this time of year, and they make beautiful accents for your wedding or special event at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC.

If you’re planning a fall wedding, here are some ideas for incorporating fall colors into your big day.


Fall flowers are lovely and rare. In fact, some only grow in the fall, adding to their exclusivity. Flowers like chrysanthemums and sunflowers are great examples of fall only flowers, and can easily be added to your bouquets and centerpieces. You can even add in seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples and pumpkins, or fall friendly ornamental grasses such as purple fountain grass.

For more evergreen flowers like roses and lilies, use darker and warmer colors that match your cake and bridesmaid decor.

Mood Lighting

Our in house AV team at AV Workshop can work with you to customize your lighting. They can create a warm glow with special effects for a cozy, intimate fall feeling, or you can decorate the venue with candles for a similar effect.


Your cake is an important centerpiece to your wedding. For fall, use warm tones and fall flowers, or use a rustic cake with exposed cake and thin frosting to evoke a wood grain look. Finally, decorate your cake table with pumpkins, gourds, or other fall favorites.


Your wedding gown will be stylish in any season, but consider adding a shawl or wrap that coordinates with your choice of attire. This will allow you to go outside in cooler weather for photos or just to catch a moment with your partner.

For maids and groomsmen, gowns and ties in fall colors help set the mood, and fall flowers are the perfect accessory.

Take it Outside

Another way to take advantage of the fall season is to take your wedding outdoors on our beautiful rooftop space. This will allow you to embrace the cooler weather and enjoy the fall skies before it gets too cold.

Fall Food

Food plays a huge role in any celebration. Incorporating a fall-friendly menu to your wedding is another way to bring that autumn feel to your celebration. Roasted meats, stews and soups, and comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese with shots of tomato soup will warm your guests and maintain that cozy fall vibe you’ve created. You can even utilize seasonal fall vegetables like pumpkin and root vegetables like carrots, turnips, parsnips, and beets to your menu.

When you’re ready to get started planning your wedding for any season, contact us at Tribeca Rooftop + 360° for more information.