It’s no secret that a wedding is a stressful and time consuming thing to plan. From choosing the guests and venue to deciding on flowers, dresses, and dishes, don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed! One of the most important decisions you’ll make is when to hold the ceremony and reception for your NYC Wedding. Most people assume that a weekend evening is the best possible time — surely a weekend gives you more opportunity to celebrate during the day, stay up late, and invite out of town guests? Nevertheless, there can be a few upsides to holding a weekday wedding too. In fact, more and more couples are choosing to tie the knot on a weekday in order to prioritize venue, season, and more.

Spend More Time With Out of Town Guests

While you may think that a weekday wedding means less time with out of town guests, it can often mean the opposite. If you hold your wedding on a weekday, you’ll have the whole week to socialize with your out of towners, especially if you’ve all booked time off work. If you hold a weekend wedding, your spare time will be dominated by all of your guests — this can leave those traveling from out of town feeling a little left out.

Ideal For Intimate Weddings

2020 has been the year of small, intimate weddings. COVID-19 has made the wedding industry transform. While large weddings may be better suited to weekend nights, intimate weddings give you a little bit more flexibility. With fewer guests, you’ll have fewer schedules to work around. And your chosen few will be more likely to rearrange their weekday plans to join you on your special day.

Get the Venue of Your Dreams

One of the most annoying and stressful parts of wedding planning is securing the venue. Many couples wait months and even years for their favorite venue to free up. Or, when they find a free date, it doesn’t work for many of their guests. If you want a little more date flexibility and freedom, weekday weddings are the answer. If you don’t mind getting married on a weekday evening, you’ll find that most venues have a lot more free days to choose from — and much shorter wait times!

Even If It’s a Weekday, Your Guests Will Know How To Celebrate

You may worry that your guests will be more subdued on a weekday, whereas on the weekend they’d have the freedom to party the night away. However, in most cases, weekday weddings can be just as wild and fun as weekend weddings. Chances are, your guests will be prepared to dance the night away and socialize after the ceremony, even if it’s a weeknight. Plus, if you give a little notice, most guests will be able to book the next day off work.

Discover the Perfect NYC Wedding Venue For Every Day of the Week

Here at Tribeca Rooftop+360° we can host the NYC wedding of your dreams on any day of the week. Our stunning rooftop location is ideal for small, COVID-secure weddings. Plus, with our exceptional, fully-trained staff, you and your guests won’t have to worry about the safety or hygiene of the venue. Contact us today to find out about our availability for your weekday and weekend micro wedding this fall.