With 80% of marketers claiming that events are responsible for their companies success, it’s hard to deny that events are a huge part of selling your services or products to customers. While throwing a big NYC Corporate Event event can be a little overwhelming, it’s important that you don’t lose focus on the actual purpose of the event itself — to self-promote. In this article, we’ll go over five great ways you can really put the spotlight on event marketing and make the most of this amazing opportunity to convert new customers and donors.

  1. Hold a conference-style event

    The best way to promote your business at your next event is quite simple — include talks and speeches throughout the evening. Invite celebrity guest speakers to your NYC corporate event, or invite speakers from your business and other businesses to present at the event. This way, you will keep your guests engaged and interested throughout the evening. By holding a conference-style event, you’ll immediately attract a little more interest as the event promises to educate everyone who attends.

  2. Try a pop-up shop

    If your business sells products, why not set up a little pop-up shop as part of your event. Giveaway samples, offer discounts, and have a few experts on-site to explain the product to your guests. By making the event interactive with a pop-up shop, you’ll find that people are more interested in supporting your business after the event has finished.

  3. Use social media throughout the event

    Keep the buzz high by creating an event hashtag and encourage guests to tag the event when they post on social media throughout the event. Set up a photo booth or photo area with your company’s logo visible. When guests post their images from the event, you’ll automatically get some free advertising!

  4. Define your SMART goals

    SMART goals are frequently used in event planning and event marketing. It stands for:

    • • Specific
    • • Measurable
    • • Achievable
    • • Relevant
    • • Time-bound

Make sure that all of your marketing goals fit within these terms — so they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. By using the SMART acronym as a guide, you’ll be able to set realistic goals that actually work.

  1. Track conversions — what’s working and what isn’t?

    Be sure to use your marketing team to track conversion from the event. Track the percentage of invitees who attended, and which attendees made a purchase after attending the event.

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