Planning on holding a large NYC corporate event where you’ll be inviting guests from out of town? Welcoming guests from all over the country can be a wonderful way to expand your reach and really make the most of your event. However, it can be especially difficult to keep these guests excited about the event for their entire stay — in fact, some invitees from out of town may avoid coming to the event simply because of the travel required and the unavoidable downtime on either side of the event.

Let’s discuss some easy ways you can choose the right location for your NYC corporate event to make your out of town guests feel welcome and excited before, during, and after the event.

  1. Choose a nearby hotel and make booking easy for guests

    If you’re planning on inviting guests from out of town, don’t leave them to sort out their own hotel. Find a nearby hotel with good availability and, if possible, book the room for them for their desired stay. If your budget allows, your company may provide this accommodation, or you can simply bill the guest once the booking is made. By simplifying the hotel booking process, you’ll find it much easier to attract out of town guests. Plus, they’ll immediately feel well taken care of.

  2. Choose a hotel with plenty of amenities

    When choosing a hotel for your guests, try to find one that has plenty of great amenities to keep them occupied. Look for highlights like:

    • Spas • Gyms • Pools • Free breakfast buffet • Bar • Lounge • And so on

The more your NYC corporate event guests have to occupy them, the happier and calmer they will feel about having travelled to your event. Do everything you can to make their stay feel like a holiday rather than a business trip.

  1. Arrange a visit to a local museum or site of interest

    If your guests are staying for an extra day, you may want to arrange a tour of the area or a trip to a local museum. This will keep your guests from feeling isolated, plus it will give them a chance to discuss the event from the night before in a smaller group.

  2. Hold a special breakfast with out-of-town guests the next morning

    If guests are not all staying in the same hotel, arrange a casual breakfast event the morning after your evening event. This will, again, give out of town guests the chance to mix and mingle and continue discussions from the night before. Providing breakfast will make your guests feel as though they are truly appreciated — which can only be a good thing for business!

  3. Give them a list of local restaurants, stores, and attractions when they arrive

    If you don’t want to come across as pushy, or your guests prefer to occupy themselves, you can still be helpful and accommodating by providing them with useful insider tips on the area. Create a list of local restaurants and stores that guests may find useful during their stay. Think about what information you would find useful if you were staying in a new area for just a few nights.

    Things to Do Near Tribeca Rooftop 360

    If you’re planning an event at Tribeca Rooftop 360, there is plenty to do in the area for your out of town guests. The area is known for the famous Canal Street, the upscale Brandy Library, the charming Mysterious Bookshop, and more. If you’re compiling a list of local things to do for your guests, someone from our team will be more than happy to help!