If you were planning on holding your wedding this year, COVID-19 has probably forced you to rethink your plans. While you may be feeling incredibly disappointed to have to change your plans, don’t despair! There are plenty of clever ways you can work around the current restrictions and still have a memorable party to celebrate your marriage. Let’s take a look at a few of your options.

An Outdoor Micro-wedding

While you may not be able to hold the massive wedding you had dreamed of, you may be allowed to welcome a smaller number of guests to a mini reception. Micro-weddings are becoming increasingly popular — they usually consist of 25-50 guests. While you may think of this option as a compromise, try to think of it as a blessing in disguise. Small weddings can actually be even better than large ones as you’ll get the chance to throw an intimate, luxurious affair.

Here at Tribeca Rooftop, we have transformed our venue to make it the ultimate spot for a safe, rooftop microwedding. You and your selected guests can enjoy our stunning views of the New York City skyline while safely celebrating one of the most important days of your life. Click here to learn about our micro-wedding options at our gorgeous venue.

Postpone the Party

In a worst case scenario, it may be best to simply postpone the reception and potentially the wedding ceremony too. If you had your heart set on welcoming all of your friends and family members to celebrate your wedding, you may have to wait a year or so until the party can be held safely. While this may be heartbreaking for you and your partner, remember, you’re getting married for the rest of your lives, so waiting a few months isn’t so long in the grand scheme of things.

A Zoom Wedding

Much of our lives have migrated online this year. From video conferencing in school and businesses, to Zoom social gatherings and fitness classes, we’ve all become used to living online. Why not use video conferencing technology to hold an online wedding? Invite all of your friends and family members to watch the online ceremony, then set up a series of fun games to celebrate the big day. This is a great option for couples who don’t want to postpone their wedding, but can’t invite guests to a reception due to COVID.

Make the Honeymoon the Party

You may find that holding a wedding reception isn’t possible this year. If you are still keen to get married, why not celebrate the marriage with the one person you care about most — your partner! Plan a staycation or a safe trip to the country with your partner and treat this honeymoon as your wedding reception. You can always hold a larger gathering when it becomes safer to do so in the future.

Summing Up

Whether you postpone your wedding, you limit your guest list, or move the celebrations online, one thing’s for sure — your wedding at Tribeca Rooftop + Tribeca 360° in NYC can still be a memorable one. Remember that your loved ones will support your decision whatever it may be. Try to make the most of celebrations whatever they may be. No matter what you decide to do, at least you’ll be spending your time with your new husband or wife!