Thinking about holding your first event since the outbreak of COVID-19? There’s no denying that things have changed — but it’s still possible to hold an amazing NYC corporate event with a smaller number of guests.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much turned the world upside down in 2020. Many of our habits and practices are no longer possible in a world where social distancing is essential for public health. However, just because our plans had to change doesn’t mean we can’t hold events or parties of any kind. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can hold a safe, fun event in the post-COVID-19 world. Here are some tips on planning small and safe events during a pandemic.

Create a One-Way System Throughout the Venue

In order to make your event safe, you’ll have to think about how social distancing can be maintained inside the venue at all times. This means that the seating plan is only half the battle. You’ll also need to make preparations for all of the other spaces inside the event space.

The best way to ensure that people can stay a safe distance apart at all times is to introduce a one-way system inside the venue. Make sure that you have clearly marked each hallway with arrows showing the direction of movement. If you design the space as one large loop, this means that you’ll never have guests squeezing past each other in hallways or bumping into each other within the space.

Install Hand Sanitizer Stations

In order to make sure your guests feel safe, create hand sanitizer stations throughout the space, so that they can clean their hands whenever they feel the need to. This will reduce the number of guests that try to wash their hands in the washrooms, creating a calmer, safer environment for everyone in attendance.

Offer Face Masks

Wearing a face mask or covering is an additional layer of safety designed to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Unfortunately, people sometimes forget or lose their mask. Providing your guests disposable masks or even reusable masks with your corporate logo on them is another way of showing your guests you care and that their safety is important to you.

Choose a Large Venue with a Small Guest List

If you’re planning on holding a small corporate event, try to still choose a venue with a large capacity size. By throwing an event with a small guest list in this much larger space, you’ll make your guests feel extra safe, as they’ll have plenty of space to spread out throughout the venue.

Choose an Outdoor Space, or a Space with an Outdoor Area

If possible, try to choose a venue with an outdoor area. Studies have shown that transmission is far less likely outside. If your venue has a private garden or rooftop, you’ll be able to hold an event that feels slightly more ‘normal,’ as guests will be able to mix and mingle with a little more ease and peace of mind.

Discuss Cleaning Procedures with the Venue Staff and Guests

Make sure that you’re on the same page with the venue staff. Discuss the venue’s hygiene procedures in detail so that you know what to expect from the staff at the event. If the venue can provide a detailed list of the measures they have in place, you’ll be able to distribute this information to your guests so that everyone feels safe about attending the event.

At Tribeca Rooftop + Tribeca 360°, we have gone above and beyond for the safety of our guests. We want you to be able to enjoy our gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces in smaller groups without worrying about safety. Find out about everything we are doing to ensure your safety at Tribeca Rooftop + Tribeca 360°, and enquire about booking our stunning venue today.