The COVID-19 outbreak has transformed the way we live our lives. In the events industry, a lot of things have naturally changed. After many months of total lockdown, some corporations are beginning to resume more regular business activity. You may even find that you have been invited to a small in-person gathering. While you’re probably thrilled to be saying goodbye to the Zoom conference, you may be feeling a little bit worried about gathering with a small or medium sized group. Here are some tips on how you can attend a NYC corporate event and still stay safe.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

Because the virus can be spread by touching your face after touching an infected surface, it’s important to wash your hands frequently when you’re out in public. If you bring along your own bottle of hand gel, you won’t have to worry about getting up and finding the bathroom every twenty minutes. Instead, you can stay in your seat and keep your hands clean at the same time.

Be Firm About Greetings

Even though you may know that handshakes and hugs are unsafe during a pandemic, your colleagues and friends may be a little more careless. If you’ve decided that you want to socially distance at the NYC corporate event, don’t feel awkward about refusing to shake someone’s hand. It may feel a little rude and uncomfortable at the time, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Inquire About Precautions Beforehand

If the company holding the event hasn’t provided any information about safety measures, feel free to contact them before you attend. Ask about social distancing measures, hand sanitizer stations, and any other safety precautions. Ensure that the plan is safe so that you feel confident in attending.

Make Sure the Event Organizer Has Your Details

In the unlikely event that someone becomes sick after attending the event, you will probably want to know. If the event organizer has all of your relevant details, they can contact you after the event and let you know. This way, you can choose to self isolate for a week or two to ensure that you don’t unknowingly pass the virus on to any family members, friends, or colleagues.

Acknowledge If You Feel Unsafe

Even if you’ve enquired about the safety precautions at the venue beforehand, you may arrive and realize that you simply don’t feel safe. If the event feels a little too crowded, you may start to feel uneasy. Acknowledge if you’re feeling this way and leave the event if you feel unsafe. While you may worry that leaving early seems rude or unprofessional, always put your safety first.

If the venue follows strict social distancing and hygiene rules, it is safe to attend events, but when these rules are flouted, you should feel free to call it a night.

Safety Precautions at Tribeca Rooftop 360°

At Tribeca Rooftop + Tribeca 360°, our guests safety is our first priority. We have completely transformed the way we welcome groups to our venue following phase 3 NYS restaurant guidelines. Everything from guest arrival, to registration, to food service, to sanitizing is being done with the utmost care. Here are just a few of the safety precautions being made at Tribeca:

● Staff temperatures being taken ● Socially distanced venue seating ● Floor plans updated to allow for social distancing ● High touch areas frequently disinfected ● Masks provided if necessary ● PPE worn by staff when appropriate ● Limited numbers of guests in the washrooms ● And much more.

Find out about all of the many COVID-19 safety precautions and changes we’ve made, so you can feel comfortable attending our venue once again in the near future!