Pets aren’t just pets these days, they’re part of your family, and what wedding would be complete without family in attendance? But pets require a certain level of care during a wedding or special event, much like children often require special considerations at weddings.

If you are thinking about making your pet a part of your big day at Tribeca Rooftop + 360°in NYC, here are some practical tips for success you may want to consider!

Know Your Pet

You know your pet best, and are the best judge of whether or not he or she is sociable. If your pet is at all skittish around people, it may be best to leave them home, for the safety of your pet and your guests.

If your pet is friendly and won’t mind being pet by scores of strangers, bring them along!

Hire A Sitter

On any given day, you are responsible for your pet. You feed him and walk him and take him to the vet. But on your big day, it may not be easy to walk your pet around all night while you greet guests, dance, dine, and pose for photos. That’s why you should consider hiring a pet sitter. Choose someone who is not already a guest at your wedding. Speak to a reputable pet sitting service, or hire a responsible teenager in your building. Make sure the sitter knows your pet’s food and walk schedule, and that they’ll keep your pet engaged but quiet during your wedding celebration.

If you choose to crate your pet after the ceremony, find a quiet place for the crate so your pet is not upset by guests trying to engage your pet, if your pet is simply stressed due to lack of attention.

Duck Out Early

Another possibility to consider is to hire someone to get your pet and bring the pet home after their part in your wedding is complete, so you can enjoy the festivities without stressing about if your pet is okay.

Bring Treats

Is your pet treat-motivated? Even some dogs who aren’t treat-motivated will accept a treat occasionally. Make sure you have treats or food on hand, both as a reward for good behavior, but especially if your celebration takes place during your pet’s mealtime.

Be sure to remember his or her water dish, toys, and a bed or blanket for him or her to get comfortable during downtime.

Share The Love

Remember, your pet looks to you for cues about how he or she should feel in any situation, so reassure him or her often that there’s no need to be stressed out by petting him or her and showing plenty of affection.

If you are interested in learning more about our pet policies, or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC.